maanantai 9. heinäkuuta 2018

From Yates J Canipe, PhD

DO you have what you want today? Again and read EACH of following statements out loud, once and then I will explain two things. Oh by the way, when reading heavy accent on the CAPITAL word.
DO I have what I want today?
Do I have what I want today?
Do I HAVE what I want today?
Do I have WHAT I want today?
Do I have what I WANT today?
Do I have what I want TODAY?
Thank you. Did you notice that even though the words are the same and the order the same, yet the meaning is different with each reading.
Now, MOST important, what is the answer to each and every question one of these seven questions.
 FIRST, you must recognize that we, that is you and I, are physical beings and intellectual beings.  Physically, we are designed to learn and then put what we learn into automatic.  Intellectually, the same thing.  We learn to walk, we learn to talk and we learn to think. We are taught to distinguish between emotion and logic. When thinking about thinking, you may realize that your behavior has been learned and is on automatic. As your conscious mind is totally unaware of these automatic events like blinking your eyes or moving your other body parts or your rational for truth, then you may realize that the subconscious mind is in charge.  It is constantly working to keep you alive and provide EVERYTHING it has LEARNED from your thoughts and actions.
THE ANSWER to all the questions above is YES.  Specifically, the key word is TODAY.  You have exactly what you really want TODAY. It may happiness, low self esteem, depression, money or the non or bad relationship.  If you want to change your path, you must change your thinking.
The focus of all these emails is to teach you to think about thinking,
 Until next time,
 Yates J Canipe, PhD

torstai 28. kesäkuuta 2018

Wala kang napili kahit ano

Mangyaring maglagay ng hindi bababa sa isang tugon (Wala kang napili kahit ano)